Policy Plan of “The Mighty Fortress”

Policy plan of “The Mighty Fortress” Foundation (“De Vaste Burcht”), established in Hoorn on April 18, 1980 by deed executed before notary Mr. Meindert Abma, registration Chamber of Commerce West-Friesland in Hoorn, number 41234604.

  1. The board consists of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a treasurer, a secretary and two board members.
  2. Activities:
    • The secretary is appointed – and has undertaken – to perform the daily activities. These consist of:
      • contacts with beneficiaries;
        contacts with the beneficiaries;
        monitoring the financial state of affairs;
        preparing the annual report;
        Making inspection and prospecting trips;
        Reporting in word, image and writing of these trips;
  3. The funds of the foundation are obtained from:
    • donations, periodic payments and other contributions;
  4. Responsibility for the raising of financial resources rests with each of the board members;
    • The secretary is primarily responsible for this;
      The recruitment is supported by the textual and numerical annual report, the website of the foundation on which videos can be seen, audios can be heard and reports can be read. These media can only be consulted on request because of the risks our people run on the spot;
  5. Cash:
    • Cash is only held in a current account or in a deposit;
      Building a financial buffer is not being pursued. Long-term obligations must be taken into account when determining the cash;
  6. Policy plan:
    • The purpose of the foundation is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed;
      Great importance is attached to founding and financing Bible schools in remote areas of India;
      Great emphasis is placed on the social aspect of our work in India. Examples are the establishment of educational facilities, the digging of wells, the extraction of wells and the construction of community houses;
      Applications for support are assessed at first instance by the Secretary. Small (er) projects do not need the support of the entire board;
      Long-term projects require the approval of the entire board. It was unanimously decided that incidental expenses exceeding an amount of € 10,000 require the approval of the board members. The same applies to long-term obligations that have a material impact on the financial position of the foundation. The amount of this amount has not been determined. All this was decided in the GMS dated February 26, 2011, and expressed in the minutes;
  7. Remuneration policy
    • No reward is paid for work performed.

17 February 2022, Hoenderloo, The Netherlands.