Andhra Pradesh

Since the year 2000 we work in remote and difficult to reach areas in Andhra Pradesh, India.

What does our work in Andhra Pradesh look like?

Since the year 2000 we attempt to work in remote and difficult to reach areas in Andhra Pradesh, India. We work with 51 “bare footed” pastors (social workers) under the supervision of two managers, being the only ones who speak English. To educate pastors in the region we have started Bible schools, which are the only ones in a wide circumference. The training takes three days a week for two years. For the pastors are too poor to pay for the education, we pay everything: meals, stay, travel expenses and teachings.

Our pastors get a salary, and we build community centers for them. The number of centers we have built thus far is at least 60. The congregations for whom we have not built a center yet, come together under a tree, under a leaf roof, or in a mud building – which washes away within two years. Most of the churches have an inside dimension of 450–550 square feet and can accommodate 120–150 people. Realize the people are fragile and slender, and use to sit on a cloth on the ground.

Starting from 2012 we run an orphan home in Chintapalli, a tribal town in this deep forested area. We care for twenty-two children, in age ranging from 7 – 19 years. A similar orphan home has been founded in 2018 in the town of Gajuwaka.

Women in line, waiting to be baptized.
Kinderen in ons tehuis in Gajuwaka.

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